EDIT 002.2018 :

KATHERINE MAVRIDIS . ELLINOR STIGLE  _ 28” 2” 3” editions at Rare Market, Seoul.

28” 2” 3”


Rare Market, Seoul

March 7 - April 16, 2018

28” 2” 3”  exhibit and artists bio

Rare Market

Sedition art
We are pleased to present 28’’2’’3’’ editions at Rare Market _ an installation of unique pieces deriving from the original exhibit presented in New York, in September 2017.

28” 2” 3” brought together the work of Fashion Designer Katherine Mavridis and Photographer _ Film Maker Ellinor Stigle. Mavridis presented a large sculptural garment as a direct response to a feeling rather than a tangible object or idea _ aspiring to sculpture, form and nothingness.

The exhibit was bookended by art performances. Performers, directed by Olimpia Dior, activated the sculptural garment as a performative habitat _ and Mavridis herself, deconstructed her sculptural garment by unravelling individual constructed tubes back to the original material of pure cords. From this last performance, sections were selected and retained as unique editions.

Influenced by the context of the exhibition, Ellinor Stigle explored intimacy, in particular the relationship between identity construction and internal rhythms such as heartbeat through a one channel video installation entitled Nucleus. Two digital editions derived from Nucleus are now exclusively available on Seditionart.com and presented as a two channel video installation at Rare Market.

The installation was inspired by a personal fitting with the late Dame Zaha Hadid in March 2016; its title comes from the measurements from this last fitting.